Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is mode of underwater diving, where diver dives with completely independent, self contained underwater breathing equipment to breath underwater. This equipment allows user to breath much longer than one can without equipment.
Scuba diving equipment and gear consists of Eye mask, Oxygen cylinder, scuba suit and fins.

With help of scuba gear diver can explore bottom of sea and it’s a visual treat for diver as he gets to see colorful fish around him, Coral reefs and many marine invertebrates.
Though Scuba diving sounds fun and experience seems thrilling as we see on tv and in videos on youtube, scuba diving needs training and guidance for use of gears.
Here is where we come to your help. You don’t need to know swimming for scuba diving. Three people will be at your service through the process.

We board the boat and boat will take us to scuba diving point in deep sea. One guide will help you wear gear. Another guide will brief you about scuba diving and will ask you to step down from staircase attached to boat. A trained professional guide is waiting for you down in water, floating at surface. This rained professional guide will be your diving buddy. he will teach you to breath through mouth from scuba gear. And as you feel comfortable he will take you down underwater. You don’t need to swim during dive. Guide will do the swimming part and take you down. Pressure underwater is slightly more than pressure in our environment. To ease bearing change in pressure, diver takes us down, step by step. In between if you feel any difficulty in breathing or pressure on eardrums is difficult to bear, simply point finger towards surface, your diving buddy will take you to the surface. As we are diving underwater, one guide is floating on surface, tracking our movement underwater with ring buoy. As we reach surface, he will get you in ring, so that you can float. Your diving buddy will ease you to get over suffering and again take you underwater.

Total diving time period consists of 15-20 minutes. It also depends upon how long you can really bear pressure. During dive, diver will click your underwater pictures and shoot a video of 2-3 minutes.
There are two major diving spots in Tarkarli. One is in malvan, behind Sindhudurg fort. Second is in Tarkarli. 3 km away from seashore, in deep ocean. I would personally recommend you to go for one in tarkarli, though scuba diving in tarkarli is slightly more expensive than malvan.

Why go for Deep sea scuba diving in Tarkarli instead scuba diving in malvan.

Boating safar : 30 minutes Boat ride to scuba diving point from sea shore. In malvan, you don’t get it because malvan’s scuba diving point is hardly 50 meters away from shore.
Depth : as tarkarli scuba diving point is in deep ocean, depth of water ranges between 25 to 40 feet. However in malvan’s case, it doesn’t go beyond 10 to 15 feet. Depth of water depends upon how far you are from shore.
marine biodiversity : i have been to both diving points and i must say tarkarli scuba diving spot is far rich in marine biodiversity comparing to malvan. I got to see different types of colorful fish, sea grass, sea cucumber, large size conch shell and of course coral reef.

Above things are not just my opinion, other travel vloggers also agree to it. Watch this video from 3:00

How much is the cost difference between these two spots ?


Malvan will cost you between rs. 800 -1000 per head.

Tarkarli will get you for rs. 1200 ~ negotiable.

What is the best time of the year to visit tarkarli, if your motive is scuba diving ?

October to March, is the best possible season for scuba diving. Unpredictable weather change can have an impact on scuba diving as cyclone or bad weather stir up sea bottoms and vision underwater will not be as clear.

April -may, as monsoon is nearing soon, water clarity is declined. Wind starts stirring up sea in these days. However you can end up getting clear water than ever if luck favors you.

June to September scuba diving is closed.

When i am arranging scuba tour for someone i make sure they get best possible service and they get best experience as weather permits. My neighbour friend went to tarkarli in feb. here link to video.
If anyone is interested in visiting tarkarli and wants good quality scuba diving tour or other activities whatsapp me at 9892825205.

Thank you,
Rohan Revandkar.


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