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7 Beaches around Tarkarli

Beach front Maharashtra is an untouched paradise which is effectively available by the significant urban areas around it. Far from the bedlam of urban life, this paradise turns out to be an advantageous escape this season. Sindhudurg, the southernmost locale of the Maharashtra coastline, offers numerous such escapes to restore your faculties.

May we include, this is the locale that delivers the much-worshiped delicious Alphonso – the ruler of mangoes. Here are 7 places you can visit in Sindhudurg this excursion.

#1. Bhogwe beach

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Crocodile point, devbaug

Bhogwe is a standout amongst the most immaculate shorelines in the area. Safe to swim, and rich in fauna, Bhogwe is ostensibly extraordinary compared to other kept mysteries of the Sindhudurg. The most ideal approach to appreciate this place is to remain in this family run property, that offers conventional Konkani style bamboo-bungalows.

Roosted on the Bhogwe slope and encompassed by 20 sections of land of mango manors, this property offers an unparalleled, great perspective of Karli waterway meeting the Arabian ocean, otherwise called the ‘Sangam’ at Devbag ideal over. This spot is impeccable to unwind and respect the perspective of the sheer vast sea or nestle up with an espresso mug and a book for organization.

One could bring speedy trek down the slope to achieve the exquisite Bhogwe shoreline, where you could appreciate long strolls and investigate adjacent Nivati stronghold. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you may likewise spot peacocks and dark hornbills.

#2. Vengurle beach

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Vengurla beach

Vengurla is the south-most shoreline in Maharashtra, and is home to probably the most peaceful and wonderful shorelines in waterfront Maharashtra. Sagareshwar, Shiroda, Redi, Mochemad are a portion of the shorelines that encompass Vengurla and add to its magnificence.

The beacon and Dutch wakhaar are close-by places for touring. Vengurla is likewise known for its cashew generation and the neighborhood showcase offers different things that the locale works in. An outing to Vengurla is must on the off chance that you are enamored with calm shorelines competed with some history.

At the point when in Vengurla, remain at this shoreline side property, only 50 meters from the shoreline. It offers lavish hovels with sit-outs that are impeccable to go through nights with your accomplice watching the sun set in the purplish blue waters.


#3. Devbag

In the event that you are a nature darling, Devbag is the place to go to. It is a land parcel that bulges out from the terrain of Malvan into the ocean. As you drive appropriate to the tip of Devbag, you can see the Karli stream streaming on one side to meet the ocean and the tremendous Arabian ocean on the opposite side.

One of the must-do’s is taking a vessel ride that begins from the Karli waterway paving the way to the point where it meets the ocean, known as the ‘Sangam’ and after that beyond all detectable inhibitions ocean to spot dolphins, with a stop-over on the ‘Wave island’, a little extend of sand that is obvious just amid low tides.

Make the most of your stay at this homestay, situated on the Devbag shore, with ocean side lofts and comfortable sit-outs for the visitors to chill by the shoreline. Encompassed by coconut estates, this place is a heaven for shoreline darlings.

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Traditional Fishing in tarkarli


#4. Chivla Beach

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Chivala Beach

Found near Malvan, Chivle shoreline is where you can unwind far from the bustling group that throng Malvan. The tranquil shoreline enables you to have tranquility but be near a vital traveler goal, the old ocean stronghold of Sindhudurg.

Foodies can spoil their tastebuds as Chivle stirs up a portion of the well known Malvani dishes. One can encounter the basic rural Konkani life in this homestay, just 50 meters from Chivle, finish with dark colored Mangalore-tiled rooftop and picket fence. Appreciate delightful Malvani home-cooked suppers and walks around the void extend of shoreline.

#5. Parule 

On the off chance that you pondered shorelines, reconsider. This little interesting town remain in the midst of thick, thick estate, is an ideal break from your shoreline victories. The rich greenery and water stream that goes through this homestay during the time guarantees there is no requirement for an a/c notwithstanding amid summers.

Shoreline darlings can likewise visit various shorelines as this home stay is situated at around 15-30 minutes drive from number of unblemished shorelines.

#6. Kolamb Beach

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Kolamb Beach Malvan

Another concealed diamond in this extend, Kolamb shoreline still stays void and undiscovered , even as Tarkarli sees noteworthy increment in the group. The main sound you will hear is the waves hitting the shore.

A disconnected shoreline in Malvan, Kolamb shoreline with the a rivulet toward one side, is the perfect place to stay in the event that you are searching for some alone time. There are two or three basic homestays relatively covered up by the coconut ranches that encompass them. Consummate cover up away, eh?

#7. Tarkarli Beach


Tarkarli, named so on the grounds that the town can be come to subsequent to intersection the Karli stream, is an unquestionable requirement visit put on the off chance that you are flying out to Sindhudurg. The delightful, white shorelines and clear, blue waters advance to each individual coming here.

Tarkarli is a most loved frequent of water sports aficionados. There is an extensive variety of water sports like scuba-jumping, swimming, dolphin watch rides and so on to entice guests in this place. Regardless of whether it is a get-away for two or an excursion with a family, Tarkarli satisfies the explorer and nature sweetheart inside you effortlessly.

This homestay is one the most seasoned homestays in this district and is extremely popular for its friendliness, situated inside a mobile separation of the shoreline on one side and a slope on the other, for trekking.

Sindhudurg fort which spreads over 44 acres on the Kurte island to the north of Tarkarli in Malvan is another must visit during a Tarkarli Holiday.