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  • Devi Bharadi of Angane-wadi

    Devi Bharadi  is one of the very popular deities in Konkan. This Mandir is located in Angane-wadi, a small hamlet, near Malvan town. In early February, more than millions of devotees visit Devi Bharadi Mandir and join Yatra celebration. A lot of people believe that this place is a “Jaagrut devasthan” and the deity has power to fulfill your wish "Navas".

  • Shri Rameshwar Devalay of Kandalgaon

    Shri Rameshwar Devalaya is located at Kandalgaon which is around 10 Km away from Malvan town. According to a legend, the Great Maratha King, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had visited Kandalgaon to worship Shri Rameshwar (Lord Shiva). He prayed for good luck and success in building Sindhudurg Fort. The great King also built a dome to shelter the place and planted a Banyan tree nearby.

  • Devi Bhadrakali Mandir of Revandi

    Devi Bhadrakali Mandir is located at Revandi, which is around 4 Km away from Malvan town. Devi Bhadrakali Mandir is visited by many devotees. The location of this temple attracts many tourists for its serenity & sanctity.

  • Shri Dev Rameshwar Mandir of Aachara

    Shri Dev Rameshwar Mandir is located at Aachara, around 15 Km away from Malvan town. Shri Dev Rameshwar Mandir is visited by many tourists and devotees.

  • Shri Kunkeshwar Mandir of Devgad

    Kunkeshwar Mandir is very popular for its yatra and celebration in Konkan. The madir is located in Devgad, which is around 40 Km away from Malvan Town. Kunkeshwar Mandir is one of the ancient temples of Lord Shiva. It is very popular for its Mahashivaratri Utsav.

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