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Specials (Non-Veg)

Taste of Konkan

Welcome to Revankar's Cafeteria !

Revankar’s Cafeteria is committed to serve authentic Indian homemade food. We follow strict measures to maintain best quality of the food and strive to give 100% fresh and hygienic food to our guests.

Cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and food parcel. Special Dining arrangements can be made against the order.

  • Breakfast

    We serve one of the following items in Breakfast.

    >> Ghavan Chatni OR Ghavan Ras

    >> Aamboli Chatni OR Aamboli Sambar

    >> Shirvale Ras (Made of Rice OR Nachani flour)

    >> Khauprli Ras

    >> Kande Batate Pohe OR Upama

    >> Thali Pith

    >> Uppith

  • Traditional lunch !

    Traditional Vegetarian Lunch normally includes

    >> Dal Rice or Pithi Rice

    >> Usal

    >> Bhaji

    >> Chapati OR Vade OR Bhakari

    >> Puri Bhaji

    >> Solkadi and Chatni

    >> Koshimbir (Salad)

  • Sweet dishes

    We serve one of the following sweet items with vegetarian lunch.

    >> Sojee (Kheer)

    >> Modak

    >> Ras Puri

    >> Puran Poli

  • Non-veg dishes (Malvani Cuisine)

    Malvani non-veg dishes include one of the following

    (Subject to availability).

    >> Fish Curry

    >> Fried fish (Surmai / Pomphret / Bangada / Savandala)

    >> Fried Prawns

    >> Crab Dishes

    >> Chicken Curry

Special and popular sea food dishes !

Following are our special dishes (Subject to availability).

>> Prawns Tawa fry

>> Oyster Dishes

>> Sagoti Vade (Chicken)

>> Prawns Curry with Amboli or Vade

>> Roasted Fish (Lakni)

>> Tisryachi Ekshipi (Clam Dishes)

>> Mori Mutton

Taste of Konkan !

Konkan has a very dense vegetation. It has a variety of fruits and vegetables. The variety of food made from natural fruits is mouthwatering. If you are visiting Konkan, you must taste following.

>> Kairiche Panhe

>> Kokam Sarbat

>> Torane

>> Jackfruit

If you have a large group (above 15 persons), the Cafeteria accepts order against payment of 50% advance of the total order value.

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